[SOLVED] Update package to version above the one in the repo

Greetings friends.
I mostly play videogames on my pc and I’m having an issue, the one explained here:

A package, namely glibc, broke some stuff.

As per this thread: https://github.com/theVakhovskeIsTaken/holoiso/issues/414

The problem can be solved by installing a newer version of the package.
The second link also says that doing so breaks nothing.

I have no idea how to do this though, I tried looking it up, but I think I’m bad at this.

Also, should I update this way will I be able to update again with pacman -Syu when the repo has a newer version?

It breaks nothing on HoloISO maybe, but this isn’t HoloISO. HoloISO has their own seperate repos and base their packages on what Steam is using for SteamOS.

Ah, I see.
I feel a little stupid, when it says “Upstream Arch is 2.35-6” I didn’t stop to think it meant architecture and assumed it meant arch the distro. Heck.

No they meant the distro. But just because it doesn’t break something on HoloISO doesn’t mean it won’t break anything on Endeavour. glibc underpins a lot of things on Linux, and HoloISO is a much more limited-focus distro than Endeavour.

You are supposed to downgrade, not upgrade. Apparently downgrading glibc, lib32-glibc and gcc-libs solves the issue.

Once you downgrade, you should not upgrade system as downgrading glibc is already a bad idea and updates may make the situation worse.

But if you downgrade now, could you just upgrade to match the rest of the packages once glibc is fixed? I honestly don’t know.

Thanks for your comment, however I tried this, it broke more things than it fixed.
Not a single game could boot anymore and I had to revert the downgrade.

Yes, when glibc is fixed it should be safe to update.

You can force a downgrade of everything by syncing (with pacman -Syyuu) with an Arch Linux Archive mirror:

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Oh wow, that’s really cool. I’ll try it. Thank you so much.

And I assume that once things are fixed I can just edit those files removing the date and it should all go back to normal, right?

Comment out your current repositories instead of deleting them so when you want to revert, you can just uncommet original repositories and comment/delete archive repositories.

And, just to double check, forgive me if the question might sound useless, but to comment them out I just add ## before the line, correct?

One # is enough

Alright, I gave the Syyuu but I get this:
:: electron and electron19 are in conflict. Remove electron19? [y/N]

And I’m pretty sure the thing is used by some package.
What should I do here?

Someone may want to verify but I think electron19 is from the AUR.The actual electron in the Arch community repo is version 20, and I think that would be preferable.

You can check what a package is a dependency of by using pacman’s -Qi option.

pacman -Qi electron19

There is a “Required By” field that will show you what, if anything, requires the package. It will also show you any dependencies that the package has, any conflicting packages, etc.

Yeah it is indeed required by some stuff. Namely bitwarden and element-desktop.

Also npaladin2000
I think the fact that I’m downgrading a ton of things would mean that this too would be downgraded.

In that case you’ll have to make a choice, stick with electron19 and use those, or move to electron and find replacements (such as element-desktop-git in the AUR, which uses electron rather than electron19).

I haven’t used either one so I can’t advise on which works better or is better.

That solved the problem, thank you muchly!
How can I keep my eyes on the situation to know when the package is updated to a version that doesn’t cause the issue?

On a side note, I’m actually happy I got this issue, it gave me a chance to learn something new.

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When the GitHub issue is hammered by “it is solved” comments​:joy:

Oh dear, guess I’ll have to watch it like a hawk!