[Solved] Update issue llvm-libs

When updateing today I got an error

installing llvm-libs breaks dependency ‘llvm-libs<10.0.0’ required by reflective-rapidjson

I uninstalled reflective-rapidjson and the update finished, however, reflective-rapidjson will not reinstall and from what I’ve read it needs specific llvm to work and I’m unsure what actually uses it,
so I’m stuck and not sure what to do.
Anyone have any ideas?

You could report it in AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/reflective-rapidjson

Looks like you may have to rebuild it? Here’s some info to look at.

AH, I didn’t know I had a login there, so I did, I hope I did it correctly as I’ve not done it before

Are you referring to editing the build file?
If so, I wouldn’t even know what to change as I’ve never done it.

I’m not sure i was just reading what was written at the bottom on that page. Just thought i’d pass it on to you.

Edit: Sounds like it could wreck your setup so i would be careful.

Editing may or may not help. Best thing is to report the issue and wait.

If you still want to edit and build it, give commands:

  yay -Ga reflective-rapidjson
  cd reflective-rapidjson
  nano PKGBUILD   # or some other editor

and remove the marked blue stuff as in this picture:


Then give command:

  makepkg -cf

If this command complains about missing dependencies, just install them with yay, and run the above command again (as many times as needed).
Then, if no fatal error occurs and the package is built, you can install it with:

sudo pacman -U reflective-rapidjson-*.pkg.tar.*

I see the latest commit from the reflective-rapidjson dev was 7 days ago, in which the patch version was incremented. https://github.com/Martchus/reflective-rapidjson/commit/8c032ee7a6ec75d803b52465f24c41d4befb7e37

I am not very sure how it works in AUR, but I think the maintainer of the package should update it soon.

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Package was updated.

Used for
reflective-rapidjson is only a make dependency of tageditor

Thankyou for the help

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