[SOLVED] Translations of Foreign Language Posts?

I have seen several postings here which are written in a foreign (to me) language.

Unfortunately, I speak, read, and write only in English and I’m afraid that I might be missing something in these posts written in another language.

Is there some way that the forum could incorporate some tool which would allow a translation to be effected?

Or is there some other way that anyone knows that would allow me to read these posts in English?

Thank you.


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Hello, I take Google translation

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If you use chrome/ chromium, you can simply right-click on the page and choose “Translate to English.” Voila!


I for one wouldn’t rely on Google Translate if it is regarding instructions on something system critcal.

I have tried to read GT’d russian (in this instance) and it didn’t take a genius to understand that it would be very risky to rely on that translation.

As long as it is a latin based language I get by without GT, and this is not in any way a critisism of using other languages, just a mere warning in relying on machine translations.

For a fun evening I recomend translateing any sentense from english to russian > japanese > spanish > english.

The Grapes of Wrath comes out as… The Angy Raisin.

I do not use Chrome or Chromium. But thanks for your post. I did not know whether there were easy-to-use translation programs but I searched within Firefox addons and I found Google Translate and also Smart Translate.

In my opinion, Smart Translate works better and easier so that’s what I have installed.

Thanks to everyone.





The main Forum is in english only, we have subforum for talking in other languages, but they are existing apart from main forum, so no main discussion will be in non english here.

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