[SOLVED] Systemtray for polybar

hi, i’ve done this polybar so far, and i want to add system tray (i3-gaps WM) to the section i specify with red rectangle in picture

so far, my research led to tray-position but AFAIK i can’t put those in red rectangle since its not a module.

is there anyway that i can do that?

In the current version (3.6.3) you can only position the tray on the left, center or right of the bar.

However, there is this: https://github.com/polybar/polybar/pull/2595#issuecomment-1134040767

So in the next version 3.7 you should be able to treat it as a module and thus define the position.
If you want, you can try it already by installing polybar-git from the AUR.
The new feature was already merged into the master branch.

Please note that polybar-git is compiling from the very latest sources. It might not always be stable…
Also that tray feature is still considered to be experimental at this stage.

Works good for me though :smiley:


thanks, i’ll mark thread as solved

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