[SOLVED] Slow Torrent Download

I have always downloaded the latest releases “just in case.” I prefer to download them via torrents but yesterday the torrent just downloaded very slowly, so slowly that I gave up and just did the direct download from GitHub which worked perfectly.

I hope that in the future, when new versions are released, you will have the torrent ready to go as well as the direct download.

Not a complaint, just my observation …


Hello, @lhb1142 I also downloaded it yesterday and didn’t find that issue. I just downloaded the torrent again and there was no problem for me. This is what happens when everyone wants to get their hands on “Best Arch Distro”! :grinning:

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hello,for my part, I have already shared in torrent 26.82 GB, since the 15th


fast torrent needs more seeders, as it webseeds from GitHub if there are not enaught seeders, and if there some seeders it will be slow… needs up from 10 to 20 seeders to get fast.

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After I downloaded the torrent and activated Deluge, I saw that there was only one (1) seeder. I was downloading the file at 20 kB/s. When I saw that the speed was not increasing, I gave up and just got the direct download.

I must have tried to get the release before many people had a chance to become seeders.

Next time I’ll wait a bit before getting the new release.


We could have some users here as seeders I can give them the torrent file a day before we do official release

Answearing here and write something to say yes I will seed . Then I do add you to the list

Doing my part.

someone ready for seeding new release?

hello,you can send me, there is no problem


file up and available now, i do start seeding already…

I do change the link so that it will directly download the torrent file…

it’s good now