[SOLVED] Screen Flickering on Laptop

I’m facing screen flickering issue on my laptop which starts when I use firefox or any other browsers and the effect is system wide i.e. screen wont stop flickering even after killing them.

Screen Flickering only occurs while on battery, not while charging.

I have tried these solutions but none of them worked

  1. Disabling hardware acceleration in firefox.
  2. Adding i915.enable_psr=0 parameter in kernel

I can’t find anything else on the internet about this.
Would be great if you guys could help.

Here are my hardware specifications : http://ix.io/4K1l

Is there some text messages in red when you look at:
$ journalctl -b 0

hmm…i dont see any other red lines other than this which i think is irrelevent

Oct 26 22:51:35 <username>-vostro3400 kernel: Bluetooth: hci0: Malformed MSFT vendor event: 0x02

Let me do some searching, I’ll be back.

Can you update your BIOS from 1.25 to 1.26 ?


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I will update my BIOS as soon as I can

Hope this starts the repair.
Please come back and indicate “solved” if it works.

If not, they are stellar volunteers on the forum that are big guns on the software side.

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BIOS update did fix the flickering earlier but now its back again :frowning:
Is it a hardware issue?

If no other forum members have something to add, then it is probable that your next step is to go to a certified A+ technician to have your laptop checked. Unless, you are willing to try a different OS to confirm the hardware needs repair.

I reinstalled endeavour and didnt face any flickering until I used youtube website.
Thanks for helping, I will get a technician

EDIT : Okayyyyy so all I had to do was disable this “eco power saving” mode from BIOS to fix this.

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