[SOLVED] Random reboot

During normal use I have some random freezes/reboot? sometimes.
I just noticed black screen, cpu fan noise spike to 100% then I have to reboot manually my computer :S

I don’t know if it’s really an issue from kernel/hardware. I suspect that.

Hardware Information Systems

System summary and boot log

Systemd Journal

pwd: KpTQSn0aAB

Not a solution to your problem, but a warning: never reboot your computer using the power button or reset button.

Yes, set up REISUB instead to (relatively) cleanly handle things before exiting instead of giving the OS no chance to recover.

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Yeah but the other times it happened I wait for 1 hour with cpu at 100% :confused: then I reboot manually last time…

Use the Magic SysRq key to safely reboot.

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Thank you, I didn’t got it before.

Solved, at the moment.
I’d install kernel-lts