[SOLVED] Random freeze in discord

hi, from yesterday im experiencing random freeze in discord
i can read message, i can hear people but its not clickable
it got more weird when i discovered its fine in gnome
i have tried i3,xfce, kde plasma,bspwm and i have freeze everywhere but gnome is fine
updated everything but still same situation
is it just me or discord gone mad?
(i even tried uninstalling it, clearing all caches and reinstalling official and canary version)

Hear me out, I had a very similar problem while running XFCE Manjaro. For months I tried to find out what the problem was. Finally, through an accident I found out that the notification service was bugging out, and whenever discord wanted to send a notification to the service - because the service did not react - discord hang for 30, maybe even 45 seconds.

That doesn’t perfectly describe it but XFCE is in there, so maybe that could be your problem.


thank you for the response
just to be sure, its about discord notification service? or DE/WM’s notification daemon ?

For me, it was the notification service of XFCE which did not work. That was the way I found the problem, I had a different application that had a “test notification” button, and when I clicked it, it hang just like Discord.


while you answering, i unchecked “Enable Desktop Notification” and it’s it working now i3, haven’t experienced any crashes
i’ll mark your first reply as solution.

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