[Solved] Plasma powermanagement stopped working

After latest updates powerdevil gives this error:
Failed to load the power management settings section. The power management service does not appear to be running.

What could be the reason for this and how to fix it? I don’t remember what were the updates this morning, but I think it was something EOS related.

EDIT: I checked my spouse’s laptop which is running EOS to check what updates there were coming and noticed powerdevil was updated from 5.27.6-1 → 5.27.6-2
So I guess the reason for that error lays on this.

EDIT: Ok, found the solution. It seems with build 5.27.6-2 of powerdevil it requires ddcutil at runtime and won’t start until the ddcutil is installed… :wink:

I thought that by adding ddcutil as a dependency, pacman -Syu would pick it up and install it. It’s weird to me that it doesn’t when a package’s dependency list changes.

For the curious: Here’s the relevant commit that re-adds ddcutil as dependency.

The odd thing is that ddcutil is a make-dependency.
Not sure why it is still needed as runtime dependency.

A bug report has already been opened:

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Fixed >> powerdevil 5.27.6-3


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