[SOLVED] Open new terminal in tab

I have the Preferences set to open a new terminal in a tab, rather than in a window. Even after closing all instances of the terminal and relaunching it, new instances still open in another window.

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Which one is it?

Gnome terminal

With a terminal open:

Ctrl-Shift-T will open a new terminal in a new tab
Ctrl-Shift-N will open a new terminal in a new window

Not sure if this is how you do it but perhaps it helps?

Edit: correction of the keyboards shortcuts

That is what it says in the shortcut section in the Preferences.
But then, in the General section, how should I interpret “Open new terminals in” which I have set to tab

It doesn’t seem to have any effect on how you set it on my end either :thinking:

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Have a quick read of this and it will explain the option

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I am sorry, but I am probably too dim to understand what they mean by

“then pressing New Terminal will open a new tab”

How do you press New Terminal, where is that button?

File->New Terminal (from the menu bar)

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This seems to be intended to work with the + button on the terminal bar.

If you have chosen to open a new terminal in a new tab, then:

pressing the + button will open a new terminal in a new tab
pressing Ctrl-+ will open it in a new window

The shortcuts still as mentioned before

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I don’t have a +button on the terminal bar, there is only the 3-bar hamburger.

Anyhow, no problem. I prefer keyboard shortcuts, so I’ll go with Ctrl+Shift+T.
Thank you for your help.

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Got it. Thanks for bearing with me :pray:


You’re welcome mate


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