[SOLVED] Is it Safe to Delete these Programs?

For the past week, when updating via the Terminal with yay, I get the following message:

:: Searching AUR for updates…
→ Missing AUR Packages: libunique python2-beautifulsoup4 python2-cssselect python2-soupsieve

I do not even know what these programs do but I believe that it will be safe to uninstall them. I would like some confirmation about this just the same.

If anyone knows the answer and can help/inform me, I should be most appreciative.

Thank you.


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Those are mostly python2 dependencies that were dropped from the repos. Chances are they are no longer needed as that software has now moved to python3. There are two ways to check this.

You can use pactree -r on each of them. Like this:

pactree -r python2-beautifulsoup4

If it returns nothing, it is safe to delete.

Alternatively, you can try removing them with pacman -Rc and see if anything else is going to be removed.

That can be done like this:

sudo pacman -Rc libunique python2-beautifulsoup4 python2-cssselect python2-soupsieve

The important part here is to review the list of software that pacman presents to you before confirming. If nothing else important is added to the list, you can go ahead and say yes to remove them. This is faster than the above method because you can check them all at once.


Dear dalto,

The command showed no other programs to be deleted so I ran it and the programs are now “gone” (I re-ran yay and saw that everything appears to be okay).

I haven’t yet rebooted the computer but I trust that everything will be fine.

THANK YOU very much for your quick and easy to understand reply and instructions.