[SOLVED]Installer can not create a new partition during installation

Yes i get this too. I was just wondering the differences and why Arch recommended this way? I’ve always installed on MBR without using a boot partition in the old days… well pre Arch days anyway! :rofl:

GRUB can then be embedded into that partition

That is in that grub_bios partition and not in the root partition.

On a disk with msdos partition table I suppose.

Note this recommendation is for installing in Bios mode on a disk with GPT.

Yes this is what i meant.

Edit: This just helps confirm my understanding or lack there of. :rofl:

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This didn’t work. I did something idiotic and didn’t notice that when you change the boot pref to uefi from bios, if your hdd doesn’t support uefi, it disappears from the boot order device list. I set the boot pref to uefi, formatted the pd in GPT mode, and booted up. Everything worked, I was able to install the os using calamares this time, with proper partitioning. I was really happy untill it restarted, and suddenly I was presented with the message stating “no boot devices found”. So I went ahead in bios and changed the boot pref to legacy, and this time my SATA hdd showed up in the boot order list. So that was a real hard facepalm moment for me.

Thank you so freaking much. I followed this exactly, and I was able to finally install the system. It was up and running untill I caused another disaster :sob:. So in the arch wiki (https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/NVIDIA), it said to install nouveau drivers for my card gt 610. And according to the code name page my card falls under kepler. But the suggested series of driver was not at all compatible with my card. So what happened was, after install and reboot, by boot process got stuck at “reached target graphical interface”. And I was clueless about how to revert that from tty. So i did a fresh install again, and this time I didn’t touch anything. Lot’s of things to learn​:sweat_smile: but at least my system is up and running now.

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Glad you got your system finally installed, up and running!

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Enjoy your system!

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Thank you so much for your help​:grin:

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Don’t mention it! And you are so welcome to EnOS’ community! :enos: :handshake:t5:

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