[Solved] How to remove kernel entries from the grub list?


I have been ‘playing’ with grub-customizer … and now after unistall this tool i have realized that i have a mess at the Grub list, all Manjaro kernels and all of the other Debian systems too are displayed at the grub-list. I have been trying to see if there is any information at some place that can help me to find a way of how to eliminate all this entries from the Grub (not from the systems) but …

Thank in advance for any information.

Try something like:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

I think it will help you making some cleanup :slight_smile:

No, i did it many :sweat: times, it doesn’t works …

Ouch :thinking:

this grub-customizer is really powerfull, maybe there is still runnig some configuration somewhere that i don’t see … :frowning_face:

that’s the case!
You need to follow grub-customizer readme to remove its changes, they will not be reset by uninstalling it…

you will find them here:

or online:


And don’t do this again :crazy_face:


@csteinforth i promise! :innocent:

@joekamprad I need to be sure, are you asking for to install again the grub-customizer and then …?

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just see that the README only show how to install it manually…

If you where using grub-customizer before you need to reset its settings before uninstalling it to get “pure” grub behavior back…

well, i was asking this because after /usr/share/doc/ there is not a ‘grub-customizer’ file …

are there if you have used it…

O’k i found it but i don’t understand …

How to restore this backup
 * make sure you have root permissions (`gksu nautilus` or `sudo -s` on command line) otherwise you won't be able to copy the files
 * to fix an unbootable configuration, just copy:
     * '/etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub' to '/boot/grub'
 * to reset the whole configuration (if it cannot be fixed by using grub customizer), also copy these files:
     * '/etc/grub.d/backup/etc_grub_d' to '/etc/grub.d'
     * '/etc/grub.d/backup/default_grub' to '/etc/default/grub'

e. g.
sudo cp /etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub /boot/grub

[root@keos-pc keos]# cp /etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub /boot/grub
cp: -r not specified; omitting directory '/etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub'
[root@keos-pc keos]# 

Nope! it is greek to me … i think is better to reinstall grub-customizer and changes everything from there and after that remove this infernal toll and never again …

Sorry, try
sudo cp -r /etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub /boot/grub

Copy directory needs recursive copying, exactly!

No problem, while you was writing … i did it as i mention it before, reinstalled the grub-cust made all the changes i considered … removed the aplication, grub update, means grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg reboot, and evething is back to normal.

Thanks everybody :grinning:

My strong recommendation now: never again to play with grub-customizer :angry: :crazy_face:

Good advice - it can make you go blind!!!

How else can you evolve and learn if you fear your system. break it and learn and build it again, then repeat.
I like to customize my grub :slight_smile: