[Solved] How to increase the size of the letters?


I have been testing the Deepin desktop, very elegant, quite intuitive or friendly with no experienced users like myself, it seems very good but I can not increase the size of the letters on the desktop.

Captura de pantalla_2020-01-25_11-57-24

The size still the same, it do not obey, do nothing. May be is not the right approach … and i doing wrong … any idea that can help me? Thanks!.

maybe a silly question but did you log out and log in again? Some changes don’t always take effect until you restart your session?


It is not a silly question it is a smart question for a silly user … Thanks!!

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Changing the fonts for example to liberation mono and liberation sans seems to get it to start responding to size changes also without having to relogin. I suppose you could then try resetting them back but I was happy enough with the result.