[SOLVED] How to get EndeavourOS Wallpaper Back?

I downloaded some new Plasma wallpapers, and after trying a few decided to go back to EndeavourOs wall paper, but it’s gone now! How do I get it back? I thought I can revert it back in the “Configure Desktop”, but it’s not there either!


Hello @fhins

You can do it from the welcome screen. One of the buttons will set the background to the EndeavourOS default.


I closed the welcome screen, when I installed the KDE EndreavourOS and I can’t seem to launch it now. I see a 'Welcome" under ‘Lost & Found’ but nothing happens when I click on it. It tries to launch, but it disappears after a second. I was also wondering, why the EndeavourOs wallpaper wasn’t included in the desktop settings to begin with?

You can run terminal command


to set the default backgound.
The welcome app can enabled or disabled by terminal commands

   eos-welcome --enable
   eos-welcome --disable

This way the implementation was simpler at the time. We may change that in the future, although it is not high priority.


Got it, thanks.