[SOLVED] How to deal with .pacnew files?

After three months of EndeavourOS, I’ve got some .pacnew files.

When I was on ArchLinux, five years ago, I used a tool named pacdiff, which don’t longer exits.

Is there similar tools to manage theses files ?

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I found it. It’s in package-contrib.
I just need to install vim package, and it’s working.

Sorry, for the noise.

What did you find? :sweat_smile:

In aur you have the gentoo package that can manage pacnew, also you can use pacdiff in combination with meld. You can compare the difference and move

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I found that I am stupid.

Just after asking, I realize, that pacdiff was included in package-contrib, and didn’t work because vim wasn’t installed.

This said, it may be interesting if they are another easier ways to manage .pacnew files.

I’ll give a look at gentoo package.

Package meld is great for merging changes between files (as @ringo already said).
Also diffuse should work well.

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Thank you both.

meld seems to be enough for me.

anyone who gave kdiff a shot and can tell if it is on par with meld?

Have you also tried etc-update (available in AUR IIRC) which finds all .pacnew files on your system and can be used to show differences and merge current and new files?

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nice cli tool!

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Personal i like meld and check wat new is manually and move those or not depend…

I just used

DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff

works very well.
Does anyone know how to modify the hook from the arch wiki
so that this will be executed?