[Solved] Firefox new and strange configuration, colors

Firefox has now a complex and very strange configuration for the colors, so even when I try to get the old configuration that I had in my other version, I do not achieve it and I do not know if it is because it does not exist or because is it impossible for me …

What I can do?

A capture of the new “configuration”:

Captura de pantalla_2020-01-14_09-38-22

Before i was able to get the color i wanted with only a click, now with this monster i’m never able to get the color i’m looking for …

I just had a friend ranting on the phone over the “new” FireFox. He was not happy. :joy:

He couldn’t sort it out, at least.

It is something unbelievable. :rage: It looks to me that now it’s simply impossible to get the old color configuration with this thing – and many peoples need this because problems visions, my case, not because want to adorn the …

What? You can change colors on Firefox?

Yes madam, we can start right here:

Captura de pantalla_2020-01-14_15-34-31

Captura de pantalla_2020-01-14_15-33-56

I cen see the advantages with the colour picker and the colour code. Especially the latter, but freehanding that wheely thing to get your desired colour seems nigh impossible.

Thanks God now i realized that i’m not not crazy :joy: :rage: :rage: :rage:

Well, I just set it on “use system colors” and forget it :stuck_out_tongue:

Most peoples do not need it, they do not have problem with vision.

Any way, maybe some one else will come later with a solution … maybe there exist the possibility for happiness … :crazy_face:


Best of luck to you. Sincerely.

There are so many Firefox themes out there. None of those meets your needs? Maybe the old theme can be found there.

Does something like this help choose a color, then you can type in the number?
There are many variations of color choosing on the left panel of this page.

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@CMarch thanks, till now i did not find the color yet but i’m still looking at … it is a long list. The color i usually need is the green for the text, but it can’t be to bright neither to dark, the background black is o’k, no problem with this, thanks.

Captura de pantalla_2020-01-14_17-26-00