[SOLVED] Downloads folder missing from sidebar

My Downloads folder is gone. I did not accidentally press the Delete key. I am attaching a screenshot at the bottom of this message just to show I am not joking.

I tried to manually create a new folder with that name in the Home folder, but it says that name is already in use, which suggests to me the folder is still there but is hidden.

I then tried to run sudo xdg-user-dirs-update because it will create a “a full suite of localized default user directories within the $HOME directory”, according to the relevant Arch Wiki page.

I don’t know this command did anything, but the Downloads folder is still not visible.

Screenshot from 2022-06-21 18-49-22

Please advise.

Move to your HOME folder inside your file-manager. The only thing that got deleted probably is only the navigation point in the left bar you showed us…

…navigate from your HOME folder to the Downloads folder and add it to “Favorites” again, that should solve the issue.


What does ls -dl ~/Downloads show?

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Is it gone from the computer, or just the shortcut/bookmark gone from the sidebar?

You can likely drag+drop the directory back onto the sidebar to re-create the shortcut/bookmark.

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Yep, that did the trick.
Thanks a lot for that.

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Nice! Happy you got it working!!

Thankfully, you can now mark my corresponding post as “Solution”, which may help others with the same / a similar problem.


I did. I also edited the title a bit for more clarity for others, and added the marker SOLVED.
Thanks again, also to @dalto and @jonathon for responding. Thank you all.


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