[Solved] Downgrade help

I just updated my system, which included new nvidia drivers as well as a kernel update and while the system seems fine Steam won’t start and other games won’t launch and nothing seems to be throwing an error up, I double checked what has upgraded with grep -i upgraded /var/log/pacman.log and I can only think it’s the nvidia drivers causing this so I need to downgrade nvidia-utils nvidia-dkms nvidia-settings.
Every time I try to use downgrade to roll back to my previous versions I get a dependency error for the other two, is there a way to use downgrade to roll back all three at the same time or is there a better way to fix the nightmare of nvidia drivers?


sudo downgrade nvidia-utils nvidia-dkms nvidia-settings

… You know I actually read the man page and from the way it was written it seemed you could only do one package a time so I didn’t even attempt it. That’s what I get for not just doing stuff blindly.

Thank you.

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