(Solved) Disable systemd-boot resume=UUID

I removed my swap partition and now every time I boot I need to manually remove the “resume=UUID” parameter. Since my systems has no timeout for mounting drives this will cause it to hang forever if I skip this step. Everything I look up is for GRUB, could someone tell me how to to fix the resume issue?

I went into /EFI/loader/entries and removed the resume=UUID=“” part. This fixed the issue for me.

You are mentioning systemd-boot in the title. And then you are looking for Grub.

Are you using systemd-boot or Grub as bootloader?

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I figured it out, I’ll update my post shortly.

This is a temporary fix. The conf file in that location file will be overwritten next time there is an update to your kernel.

To make the change permanent, edit /etc/kernel/cmdline instead and rebuild your initramfs:

sudo reinstall-kernels


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