Solved: DDC brightness-control applet for the xfce4 panel?

Is there a brightness-control panel applet for xfce4 that uses the DDC protocol to control an external monitor (i.e., similar to the brightness-control applet in Budgie, which also seems to adjust the color temperature on a second slider)?

I’m using a desktop (not laptop) with an external LED (not LCD) monitor, so the Power Manager applet does not work for this purpose.

Edit: brightness-controller-git works for me, and adds itself to the panel when run. I just need to change its icon so I can see it against the dark panel.

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I bet you will get fun on EndeavourOS … first Thread self-solved :enos_flag:

Welcome here :enos:

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Thank you, sir. Problem-solving might be one of my inherent traits. :wink: Of course I feel a little silly for asking a question and then finding my own good-enough answer a little while after. But maybe that will save someone else some time.

I have an LG external LED monitor, and on Windows I used LG’s OnScreenControl app to adjust brightness, primarily to boost the brightness for watching movies and turn it back down for regular use. The brightness-control-git works at least as well as that, and can also adjust the color temperature (I don’t remember whether LG’s OSC app can do that).

At the moment I’m on a temp install, because I’m expecting a new hard drive tomorrow. I might go back to Budgie for my DE, but I also like xfce4 a lot.

“torn between two desktops” :wink: