[SOLVED] Can't connect to EndeavourOS through Filezilla (SFTP)

Hi, I recently installed clean EndeavourOS system. Everything works fine, but I want to copy some of my Windows files there. Before I used my own customized Arch and I was able to copy files using Filezilla no problem. Now when I want to connect to EndeavourOS, Filezilla ends with error:

State: Connected to
Error: Fatal: unable to initialise SFTP on server: could not connect
Error: Can’t connect to server

Where is the problem? Sshd is running and I am able to SSH from the same Windows machine using putty without any problem. Thanks a lot

I guess the firewall on EndeavourOS or Windows prevents something about the connection.

I was thinking firewall as well, but what there? Isn’t SFTP on the same 22 port as SSH? And SSH is working fine. Shouldn’t be windows machine problem. It’s same machine I used to connect to Arch before.

Yeah, it should use the same port (unless something changed it), so that’s probably not the issue.
Do you have a router in between? How about its configuration?

Yes, router between, but again, no change in topology or configuration from three days ago, when I backed up my Arch uson Filezilla the other way. Only change is system

What user are you using to connect?

My user account with sudo rights

Is filezilla doing something odd? You could try winscp and see if that is any different.

Why not temporarily disable firewallD on endeavourOS just to make sure?

So I tried winscp and either that was not working. But the error from winscp gave me an answer where the problem is. It said something about that initial packet is too big for SFTP. It turned out, that the problem was neofetch command I was running while opening terminal. When I deleted that, it works in FileZilla and in winscp as well. Thanks for pointing me to winscp that gave me the answer.


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