[SOLVED] Breeze-Snow-Cursor-Theme

Here’s a beaut!

I have been slowly converting my six computers, which formerly ran Antergos, to EndeavourOS. I have been doing clean installations.

So far, I have converted three of those computers to EndeavourOS, two of them without even a single hitch.

But I have one problem with the third computer. My wife and I like the Breeze-Snow-Cursor-Theme, found in the AUR, for our cursors. On the first two converted machines, I was able to download and install it (yay -S breeze-snow-cursor-theme) with no problem.

But on my wife’s computer, which I converted three days ago, this cursor theme just will not work. The Build process starts but then I receive an error message stating that it cannot be downloaded.

(Note: This screenshot was taken from a computer still running Antergos but the result is exactly the same.)

I tried using pamac-aur-git but of course got the same result.

There are other white cursors available but, so far, I have not found one which we both like.

Does anyone know the reason for this problem with the Breeze Snow cursor (the regular Breeze cursor - a black one - downloads and installs easily just as before but we want the white one)?

Now here’s some more - I have the Breeze Snow Cursor Theme installed on several computers including those still running Antergos. Is there a way to find the file(s) containing that (so far I have had no luck in finding it or them) and transferring and installing the file(s) onto my wife’s computer (and all our other computers not yet converted)? Is that possible? If so, what are the steps involved?

Thanks for any help which members can supply.



Every time you get an error downloading an AUR package i recommend you to take a look at aur site and search for the package. It’s possible that the error was reported in the “latest comments”.


In this case there is no recent error reported, but the old one indicate the package maintainer keeps the cource in his own server.
Also appears that the server is down or the file was deleted https://code.jpope.org/jpope/breeze_cursor_sources/raw/master/breeze-snow-cursor-theme.zip

You can try contacting the maintainer or wait some time.

Also next time, you can download the PKGBUILD and build yourself using
makepkg -si.
I’m not saying to became a terminal “freak”, but in this case you could save the pkg to a usb drive and transfer to your other machines.
This is considering that you’re installing the same AUR packages in manny machines.

Thank you for this information. Would you please tell me A) where I can find the package(s) on the machines on which I have the theme installed, and B) how would I use PKGBUILD to create my own package of this cursor theme so I can transfer it to all of my future EndeavourOS machines? (I’m afraid that I would need step-by-step instructions.) Or is there some other way I can transfer and install the cursor theme to other computers?

Thanks again for all of your help.


P.S. Just FYI: I did go to the AUR site and found the same information you mentioned before I created this post. The site, as you noted, wasn’t very helpful.


all the packets of aur that you take live in PKGBUILD :git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/breeze-snow-cursor-theme.git & cd Breeze-Snow-Cursor-Theme &makepkg -si or makepkg -sir



all the packets of aur that you take live in PKGBUILD : git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/breeze-snow-cursor-theme.git & cd Breeze-Snow-Cursor-Theme &makepkg -si or makepkg -sir

No luck. I copied and pasted you individual instructions and even got into cd ~/breeze-snow-cursor-theme but the makepkg -si and makepkg -sir just returned the same error message that I had gotten previously when trying to install the program the ‘regular’ way.

Is there a way to take my existing breeze-snow-cursor-theme (from a computer on which I have it installed) and transfer and install the file(s) to another machine? And, by the way, WHERE can I find the folder/files in the thunar file manager?


perso me, I go through my livebox via samba as I have two hard drives branch dessur or you go through an external drive

you can send it to your pc via thunderbird or other

you can try : yay --editmenu (package)

it will ask to edit the pkgbuild , you can change the source code what tells in the comments, source code is mostly : source=’ xxx ’

possible need to do MD5SUM=‘SKIP’

yay have only dificulty’s if you change depency, with that is trizen better it ask edit the pkgbuild ootb. those reason i got both lol

EDIT/ NVM : the comment link didnt workout

only work around is, you download the tar.xz file , you go cursors/breeze_snow
in terminal you hit : sh build.sh , it make the theme you see a breeze_snow after it in that folder you build on. copy that folder to ~/.icons

make sure you have inkscape and xcursorgen installed. (xorg-xcursorgen)

more info on that README file…

Can’t you just GIT it yourself?

To JR29 and Ringo,

I’m afraid that I have absolutely no idea what you’re telling me to do.

When I used GNU/Linux distributions based on Debian, Red Hat, or SuSE, it was easy to find individual programs (they were all over the web, not just in one place), download them, and install them. I could even convert .deb files to .rpm and vice versa.

Evidently ithat’s not so easy with Arch-based distros.

I suppose that it’s best for me to wait and hope that the maintainer of the Breeze-Snow-Cursor-Theme puts it back up again into the AUR. Otherwise we’ll just have to do without …


P.S. My wife and I like Arch-based distros (particularly EndeavourOS) much more than distros based on those other systems I mentioned above.

it sound dificult, this comment there is a package a source pckage : https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/breeze-snow-cursor-theme/#comment-680395

you unpack it basicly with xarchiver, but a folder cursor there is breeze_snow.

its a source if you do , sh build.sh it wil build the icon theme only you need xorg-xcursorgen and inkscape installed.

in your personal map you must make a hidden map .icons , so like in terminal :

mkdir .icons

you must copy the breeze_snow in, but since i already build it i share a link ;

contains a folder you must unpack it an copy the folder to ~/.icons

it will show up inyour mouse cursor theme.

Thanks. I downloaded your package and what you instruct sounds fairly easy. I do have two questions:

  1. You say in personal map - what do you mean? Is that /usr?

  2. In which folder do the other installed cursor themes appear? I can’t find them anyplace and I’ve checked regular folders as well as hidden ones.

Thanks again.


like you name is lawrence , so your personal is /home/lawrence

if you are in your documents , and do cp document.txt ~ it copy’s to /home/lawrence

so no sudo needed

.icons are hidden. if you do in terminal , cd .icons
and it does not exist then mkdir .icons, or just in thunar, overview of maps, ctrl-h , it wil show hidden files and folders… make a folder .icons through thunar , if you do ctrl-h again it dissapears but ctrl-h again it show op, the unpacked file that folder right click copy the folder and paste it in .icons in /home/lawrence/.icons

/usr is root all home is just your personal so no root right needed, is like installing themes from xfce-look.org , you unpack it, and copy it to .themes in your own place, but its not for general you can setup for all but then you need to copy elsewhere

like for cursors , you must copy the map to /usr/share/icons
and for themes /usr/share/themes

what i told is only for personal use in your own user account

I’ll try your suggestion later today or tomorrow when my wife let’s me get onto her computer.

Of course I’ll let you know how it all works out.

In the mean time, it would be nice if the maintainer would actually put up the cursor theme again so it can be installed the normal way. I’ll check that prior to attempting your workaround.

Thanks for all of the help.


okey after some look, check this out :https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/breeze-cursors-lh/

installed fine even on the kde-store was kinda hidden, if you unsure how to do ths might work, even you get more cursor but there is two version of breeze snow hidden.

The folder for the cursor files typically lives in the /usr/share/icons folder. It is possible to copy the folder from one computer to another but don’t tell anyone because that’s not the “Arch way.” The obvious disadvange is the system knows nothing about the files and can’t update them. But these are cursors. They haven’t changed since the 1990s. For example, my icon set is based on Ubuntu Suru+ but I’ve changed a few icons. So I installed the folder manually so pamac won’t update it and destroy my work.

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I had already tried this successfully on a different computer (not my wife’s) but I’ll do it on hers this morning too.

Frankly, I don’t give a d— about the “Arch Way.” I want my computer to be able to be adjusted to MY preferences, not the other way around.

And, frankly, running around Robin Hood’s barn is not my idea of the best way to set up a computer.

I had had no idea where the cursor themes were stored until Ringo told me and that you had reiterated. (I had fruitlessly tried to find a folder labeled ‘cursors’ or ‘cursor themes’ - just shows what I know!)

Anyway, copying the folder ‘Breeze_Snow’ from another computer to this one and rebooting allows this computer to have the breeze-snow-cursor-theme installed.

Thanks to EVERYONE!

two things as a side note

Anything user specific lives in your home folder - like .icons or .themes - or .local/icons ./local/themes
Anything you want all users be able to use - then use /usr/share/icons (or themes)

Secondly - debtap - is a script you can install that convert .deb packages to Arch pkgs :wink: