[SOLVED] After install I'm at a command line

I did a live install attempting to set up a dual boot with an existing Mint installation. When I booted for the first time I did have both distros on the grub menu and chose the EndeavourOS option. I signed in with my username and password and it brought up a command line interface. I was hoping to have an XFCE desktop GUI. Do I now need to install the XFCE? Or have I done something wrong here? LOL, or both?

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Did you choose any DE’s (Xfce, kde, etc) to be installed during the installation you did? Was the sign in screen you entered username/password in just black or was there a background for it? If you have DE’s installed, normally from there you can select the one you want to sign into in the upper right hand corner. Even if all of that was a “no” it’s easy enough to install a DE now. Check out the article below:


The OFFLINE install gives you XFCE by default where the ONLINE install gives you the choice of all DE., just select the one you would like.

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… if you do not choose a DE it will be a base system install without any DE installed…

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Thanks for the help. I have everything set up now. This morning I worked to set EndeavourOS up exactly how I want it. I like how it allows me to have a lot of control over everything and I don’t get unwanted stuff loaded by default. I am doing the XFCE desktop because that is what I am most used to and I didn’t want to do too much new stuff (change) initially from what I’m used to. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this OS. Kudos to the development team because this is a very nice distro. I have a triple boot set up now (I don’t like VMs) between Mint XFCE, the Mint Debian & now EndeavourOS as my third option. Mint XFCE has been my daily driver and I like it a lot… but I could see me gradually using EndeavourOS more and more. Anyway, I’m grateful for the help and love the distro.