[SOLVED]After changing the login screen in KDE, the system does not log in to the desktop

Hello all! Quite a bit of time has passed since my last visit. My trouble is that I cannot log in to the GUI in plasma, after changing the login screen. In addition to KDE, there is LXDE on the system, but I don’t know how to switch to it in the console. From the console I am able to launch firefox and that’s it. The display manager used is sddm on Wayland. How can I fix my problem gentlemen?
Ok I delete Xsession in .etc/share/sddm, and now system start to gui, but no can’t login. I switch to LXDE and restore system.

I also found that KDE login would silently halt partway through login, when running as a VirtualBox guest. I switched back to Xorg and it was fine.

Well at my place there is no trouble with operation under Waylnad. The issue probably lay in changing the sddm login screen. The latest version of plasma may still encounter some small problems. Now at my place everything is working.