So should I get this or Ubuntu?

The point of the post is that I don’t exactly know if I should install this OS or Ubuntu lts

My usage is usually java(jetbrains software) and python(the same dev’s software) used for IDEs

I also need my OS to have good gpu support (I use iris xe on my 1135g7 ) cuz I do subtitles and office work(libre Office is okay for me)

So the software list that think of is IJ idea, Pycharm, Libre Office and Aegisub(and software alike)

How stable is this compared to Ubuntu 22 04 lts with these software and do I have to reach to the Aur for these software packets ?

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You might want to do some searches in the official repos:

Or perhaps in AUR:

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All of the packages you listed are in the Arch repos. Before here, I used Linux Mint, also based on Ubuntu LTS. EOS has been as stable as any OS I’ve ever used.


You’re not really going to have any stability issues with either from what I’ve experienced. It’s really going to come down to personally preference. Maybe give each a spin in a VM and see which one feels better?


Thanks I managed to find them

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You might want to see also this nice overview of useful apps:

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Use Endeavour os.

It has every app available. Also this community is the best, really helpful , and this forum is great place .


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