So, it is time to say good bye

I thought a lot about this post. I realized I did not post anything for months. I get away from the project slowly, only remaining for some translation. But now, I have to say good bye to EndeavourOS.

It is a great project, but I disliked some technical choices made by the development team: systemd-boot or dracut instead of mkinitcpio.

I’m wishing the best for the project.

See you in another life :slight_smile:


Thank you for your hard work!

Good bye.

See you, Space Cowboy!

See you and all the best!

Au revoir :wave:

Thank you for your contributions over the years. You really helped us set the ground.


Have fun on your journey, may you keep learning and moving forward

Sad to see you go. You are very welcome back if you ever reconsider it.

And many thanks for all the contributions you have done for the project and the community.



There’s no stopping most of these implementations from being changed. Said another way, you can migrate from dracut to mkinitcpio and go grub or another bootloader instead of systemd-boot.

I bow to you !
The Bugman is always a welcomed friend over here.

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I am sure that I’m not alone in NOT implementing systemd boot as yet - so don’t let that drive you away. I’m sticking to rEFInd for the foreseeable, and I guess I don’t want to go looking anywhere other than /boot/efi for boo stuff!

Return anytime - and thanks for the assists along the way!

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Gobble gobble :frowning:

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That;s not pleasant news to hear. BTW, & in the scope of education, I just came across a systemd related video by a youtuber (who happens to be french :grinning:) .

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Thanks for all of your contributions. You’ll be missed.

Did you face any problems with systemd-boot or dracut?

Or is it a more cautionary / philosophical thing?

Appreciate your service to the FOSS Linux community :saluting_face:

Can confirm. I set up ZFS on Root and use ZFSBootMenu as the bootloader: Unofficial zfs on root installation instructions - #90 by elektrik

It was a big undertaking and helped me fill in a lot of low-level system knowledge to actually understand what I was doing. Throughout that, I have come to think that dracut seems better than mkinitcpio, IMO. Newer? Yes. Less stable? Ehh, probably technically. No issues yet. Easier to use and configure? Definitely yes.


It’s always sad when someone says goodbye to a team. See you in other areas of life.

Best of luck. I’m sure our paths will cross again (after all Arch = Choice).