So, I'm stuck after installing Endeavour OS

So, I just installed this (its my first time) and let just say, its on a black screen and it also brings me up a error on the live usb is telling about couldn’t save something, and the installer hand to about, but I see the os there, and when I click on that on the os, that and fallback as well, it brings me up a black screen and yes, I did do a clean install, so what do I do now? I need help badly :pray:


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It’s kind of unclear what you’re saying. Can you use the TTY (terminal)? You can get there by pressing Ctr+Alt+F2F6

Then run inxi -Fxx0z | eos-sendlog and type or paste the link here. It’ll help us a lot in helping you.

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This error would be critical. You’ll have to go into the live USB again and when you get to that error in the install, please update this post.

It’s nearly impossible to help you with the current amount of information provided, as well as the journal log.

sounds like you need to download a new iso first. And then try again to install EndeavourOS