Snapper post install

Maybe add a warning

Don’t click through the installer too quickly without reading

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A or B? Or C? No other options exist! :laughing:

Thank you @dalto! You gave us a damn good tool with Btrfs Assistant!

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@dalto : Is the snapper-support package still necessary if I already have snapper and snap-pac installed? Everything seems to be working already.

No, snapper-support is a helper meta package. It is never required.

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What does that mean exactly?

It is a meta-package in that it actually installs a bunch of other packages.

In addition, it performs some initial setup steps on your behalf.

Okay now i understand. It’s a package used to give btrfs-assistant some other functionalities and also some setup?

Not btrfs assistant, snapper.

It came from Garuda so it basically matches the snapper setup that is done by default in Garuda.

Sorry, i had btrfs on my mind thinking about snapper. :man_facepalming:

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Since snapper-support seems to work with mkinitcpio, how can I get it to work with dracut?

All snapper-support does is install a set of packages and do a small amount of config. You can also just do that yourself.

That being said, I think it will work fine with dracut. It makes a hook change for mkinitcpio but it only does that if it is needed. dracut should “just work” as long as you have eos-dracut installed so I believe snapper-support will work as it is.

Have you tried it?

That is probably fine.

Does it work?


I think it’s working

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