Snapdrop an alternative to airdrop

Snapdrop is a super-easy way to send files or data between your devices, and it works with anything, from PDF files to photos and videos. All you need to do is open it in your browser and then look for a device to exchange files with.
more info: Snapdrop


Pretty neat!

Nice method to occasionally transfer photos from Android to Linux for me. Quicker workflow compared to bluetooth connection.

I use SSHFS :frog:

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I use SSHFS every time I log into any of my computers.

Any file of any importance is on my RPi 4 headless server. I have a script that mounts the RPi server to a mount point (enosServer) in the home directory. This script is in auto-start. Every time I log in, Boom there is all my data in a local directory.

The RPi 4 server also has minidlna and acts as a media streamer for audio and video.
I also have a directory on the Server named “relay” that I use to transfer files to and from any computer in the house.


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