Small typo in partition.conf

Line 9: should be:

set to 512M for best compatibility for buggy old EFI firmware

Line 33: should be:

to pick which of the filesystems will be used

Don’t have permissions to make a pull-request, so I am posting here :slight_smile:

It is fixed now.

As a side note, you don’t need any special permissions to create a PR. You only need an account on github.

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I do have an account on github, and have set it up in VS Code.

I cloned the repo, made the change, staged it, and commited.
Then I wanted to push the change, and thats when I got the prompt that I don’t have permissions. Instead I could create a fork of the repo and push the changes there.

I do have to say that I’ve never done any github contributions so I may have been doing something wrong :frowning:

That isn’t how you do a PR. That is making a change directly.

A PR is where you make the change elsewhere and then request it to be merged.

To make a PR, you create a fork first. This can easily be done in the github UI by clicking the fork button in the upper right hand corner.

Then you clone that, create a branch, make your change in the branch, commit it and push.

If you go back to github after that, it will prompt you to create a PR automatically.

Ahhh that explains it then. That actually makes sense.

Thanks for the explanation!

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