Small but, useful suggestion for the xfce edition of endevourOS

As you all know, the super (Win) key on KDE Plasma, Gnome, Windows 10 etc, opens up the start menu or application launcher or whatever.

By default, Super does not do anything on xfce. You can set a keybind for it (whisker menu) in Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts, but then Super + combinations stop working as they just open the whisker menu.

This can be hugely frustrating for a new endeavour OS user who’s just moved in from windows, and in my experience, the solution for this is quite hard to find, if you don’t know how to phrase it right.

So I propose, adding this ( program to the endeavour os repo to the installation, and autostarting it by putting the .desktop file for it in /etc/xdg/autostart, and mapping the whisker menu shortcut to Alt+F1


Welcome to Endeavour!

We do try to follow the defaults set for each DE very closely, as we as not an overly curated distro out of the box. We have always focused the majority of efforts on terminal centric intermediate users, where the overwhelming majority of people know more or less what they want and want to setup before even downloading the iso.

To include extra packaging and on top of it add it to autostart and map it to whisker (I belive whisker isn’t even default, although it’s been a while since I’ve tried xfce) is unlikely to be included out of the box.

Especially since a lot of people modify shortcuts to include the super key, which then needs to have a delay bound to it with I believe xdottools as well. It’s a lot to assume a user would want, and even more to ask people to un-engineer if they don’t.

Either way, welcome! Glad you made it here! Enjoy your stay!

Hello and welcome,

It seems the Xfce devs dont care about KDE Plasma, Gnome or Windows 10. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right, if you use the default shortcut for the menu, Alt-F1, it shows the old classical menu, not whisker.