Slow web page loading in browsers, especially on EndeavourOS

I have been experiencing slow loading of web pages in browsers on EOS on my laptop for a long time now. I use a ZTE stick from a mobile operator to access the Internet. Interestingly, I don’t see this problem in other Linux distributions installed on my Lenovo laptop and on Windows 10 (MX and Kubuntu), only specifically on EndeavourOS. In resolve.conf, I see as the primary nameserver, which the stick regenerates every time it connects to the network. I have read that it is not reliable. For now, I entered in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf to DNS and test that it works.

My question is just why there is this difference in network management (DNS server) between EndeavourOS and other Linux distributions and Windows 10?

You did not tell much about your system and configuration.

  • What desktop environment are you using?
  • What browsers have you tried? Firefox provides configuration options to select a DNS server.
  • What network manager are you using? Network managers tend to overwrite /etc/resove.conf.
  • What network modifications have you done after fresh install?

Regardless of the desktop environment, slow page loading occurs with any of them. I mostly use Chrome and Vivaldi, rarely Fifefox. I am using the network manager from the original installation. I also noticed that although I change the name server in resolve.conf, the mobile internet stick writes back the DNS after each internet connection, so I entered the DNS in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf Google Name Server. I didn’t make any network changes after the fresh install.

I was able to try it now. I entered the Google DNS server number into the resolved.conf, now the websites load at a normal speed regardless of the browser I use. The issue can therefore be considered resolved. Although I still wonder why I didn’t experience this error on EndeavourOS on other laptops where I use the same mobile internet stick.

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