Slow Steam downloads

My steam downloads are about half the speed of what I am getting on windows. I changed my dns to that sped it up from a crawl to about half the speed are there any other tips or tricks to speed up my downloads

Have you tried switching between r8169 and r8168 drivers?

It is not my downloads outside of steam they are fine 600 Mbps my steam one cap out at 300 Mbps on Linux but not windows

Are you using the flatpak or the version in the aur?

Neither I am using the one from the Arch repo

You could try and use the flatpak version and see if you get different results. It’s the one I use and I’ve never had any issues. I’ve tried the Arch repo version before and could never get it to work properly. Although that might just be me.

Thank you the flatpak version download speed is going strong

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