Slow steam download speed

Hi guys! Recently got a problem with a steam download speed. It’s downloading files like 1 or 2 mbps even tho my internet speed is supposed to be 100 mbps. How could I fix it?

I also got this cron autostart commands (maybe them causing the problem):

@reboot /usr/bin/iw dev wlan0 set power_save off
@reboot /usr/bin/ip link set wlan0 mode default
@reboot /usr/bin/ip link set wlan0 mtu 1250

I can’t delete them because if I do so, my wifi will be dying every 2-5 minutes and steam won’t open without MTU set to 1250 (my provider problem)

P.S I download via wifi and it is not it’s problem because everything except steam works just fine

Try another download server inside the steam settings

It won’t help I already tried to do this

your network speed? contact your ISP its not related to the mirror or server its i guess your ISP

I’m pretty sure this is a Linux setup thing. OP is not the first one with this problem. I also got the same problem for some months. Download speed outside of steam was fine, but steam was slow.

First time I had the problem it was resolved after trying out PopOS, the second time a new server setting in steam helped me.

yeah could be the system side idk

Its a Known Issue, try disabling HTTP2 on linux… here is the Github Thread about it.

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Thanks, it helped! But still steam need a little “warm-up” to get to normal download speed

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