Slow speed on filezilla in sftp

I have a problem with fillezilla and sftp, i.e. via ftp it is full speed, but via sftp it goes only 3.3MB/s, and when I want to download via Windows using the same program, it goes at full speed via sftp. And it’s not only on Endeavoros, it’s only on Ubuntu 24.04, I checked and it’s the same. What can you do about it?

This is a known issue with how FileZilla SFTP works on Linux:

It used to be a bit better in the past. I used to get 6MB/s max per download but after some Kernel update it went down to 3MB/s max for a single connection.

If I am not using FileZilla for SFTP transfers (e.g. using Dolphin or the command line) I am getting much higher speeds out of the box.

If you want to keep using FileZilla you can mitigate this by increasing the number of parallel downloads (a single download will still be capped at 3MB/s tho) or adjust the settings mentioned in that forum post. But keep in mind changing this has a system wide effect and does not just affect FileZilla.

Maybe you can bug the FileZilla devs about this again. But so far they have shown no interest in improving this for years.

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Thank you for your answer, I thought there was something wrong with my internet, so I will not use Filezilla and try Dolphin

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