Slow package download when updating on EndeavourOS

Today, as usual, I started the day with a package update. The fact that when checking the official repos, the speed was much lower than usual (KB/s instead of MB/s) was an eye-sore. It was also strange because I haven’t seen it on my home optical internet for years.

Update your mirrors.


Seconding @ainz on updating the mirrors.

You could also use rate-mirrors ( from enos’ repo).

Rate Mirrors — It fetches mirrors, skips outdated/syncing mirrors, then uses info about submarine cables and internet exchanges to jump between countries and find fast mirrors. And it is fast enough to run it before each update. It also supports custom mirror lists fed via stdin.


For Arch:

rate-mirrors --protocol https arch | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

For EnOS:

rate-mirrors --protocol https endeavouros | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist


Let’s say that the mirror speed test usually fails with me, but I haven’t actually had to modify mirrors so far.

It may also be a temporary routing issue at the ISP’s end.

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how so?

This is possible, although everything is fine when testing the speed of the gigabit optical connection of the ISP. Another
In a Linux operating system, the speed of downloading packages on the same desktop with the same connection is normal, in the order of MB/s. This is also strange, because with a maximum download speed of 1 MB/s on EndeavorOS installed on an old Toshiba laptop, checking the repos is much faster. The mirrors are the same on both machines.

When I sometimes change mirrors within the Welcome application, their speed is also tested each time. Well, these tests usually fail me.

not sure what you mean by fail you.

Warning messages in the mirror apps usually indicate you can’t connect to a certain mirror. This is honestly expected behavior.
something like
Warning Failed to connect to https://arch.mirror/out/of/range
this is normal and has nothing to do with your connection only your abiltiy to use that particular mirror

This is not a connection error. For example, I choose mirror servers closer to me. Then rankings are based on a speed test, and these speed tests are mostly interrupted by error reporting.

Dont think because they are close they should work. The abilty to connect to a mirror is not a Connection issue with YOU. It simply means that mirror is unreachable to you for what ever reason. Maybe a quota issue with server could be your country is blocked. Maybe the company you have and ISP with is black listed by the mirror do to issues between the companies.

The next time I’ll be at the machine is tomorrow. Hopefully this is just a temporary problem and download speeds will be back to the usual 10+ MBs. when checking official repositories before package update.

Update. I switched German mirror servers, and again several MB/s
download speed when checking for updates from official repositories. There may be a problem with the Hungarian mirror servers. We’ll see when it recovers.

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