Slightly slower boot and shutdown

It doesn’t really bother me because it’s only about 5-10 seconds longer but I’m just curious about what it is

It seems like something called watchdog. From what I’ve read it’s something that helps protect your system if you mess it up

The longer startup and shutdown time happened about a week or so ago when I installed the fresh new ISO. It’s probably something in the latest Arch kernel. Like I said, it’s not really as issue, more just curiosity

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I have experienced this too, running “poweroff” and “reboot”. A get a message during shut down “watchdog did not stop”.

The explanation seems to be listed in the ‘cons’ in the last article.

Personal computer users don’t need watchdog as they can reset the system manually.

Yes, but how does one disable or remove it?

I did a quick search of the Arch wiki to no avail, and no three suggested here did not do the trick.

Albeit I just took a quick look, as I’m off to work.

Edit: It did work after reboot.

To disable watchdog timers (both software and hardware), append nowatchdog to your boot parameters.

e.g. sudo nano /etc/default/grub
add nowatchdog to the kernel line like so:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet nowatchdog ..."
save [ Ctrl+X ]
rebuild grub.cfg:
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg


I know it’s mostly for severs but can watchdog help prevent system errors on a laptop too? I have a battery that basically doesn’t work anymore so if the plug gets pulled the power goes off

Will watchdog help in that situation to prevent possibly breaking the system?

watchdog will not repair your battery :wink:

The Linux kernel watchdog is used to monitor if a system is running. It is supposed to automatically reboot hanged systems due to unrecoverable software errors. The watchdog module is specific to the hardware or chip being used. Personal computer users don’t need watchdog as they can reset the system manually. However, it is useful for systems that are mission critical and need the ability to reboot themselves without human intervention. For example, servers on a remote location or embedded equipment on a spacecraft that need automatic hardware reset capabilities.


but it seems true that this adding to grub will not prevent watchdog totally from starting… on my testings it is different from machine to machine, but it will not timeout. so speed is improved on reboots !