Sleep in KDE Plasma

I have a problem with sleep on KDE Plasma. Sleep works fine when I’m logged out (on the SDDM screen). However, when I try to click “Sleep” in the application menu when logged in, the screen goes black and the cursor freezes for about 30 seconds before taking me to a locked screen.

Any ideas?

I run kde and it’s on a desktop. I didn’t install it with swap & hibernation. I installed it with swap file and btrfs file system. So if i don’t log out and click sleep it instantly powers down to sleep mode. When i press the blinking power button it starts back up but the desktop takes a while and it shows failed to unlock when it finally shows the desktop. If i log out first and do the same it does bring the desktop up to the log in screen but i have no mouse cursor control even though the mouse is lit up and working. That’s my experience but i don’t care much about it because i’m not one to use sleep or hibernation on my desktops.

Edit: I’m not sure if it would be any different if i installed it using swap with hibernation or maybe i can use hibernation with some other set up and configuration. But as i said I usually just shutdown the computer. I know this doesn’t help you too much but just my experience using sleep. That is also on this current Ryzen machine with AMD Graphics. My Intel desktop with Nvidia may act differently. Not sure without trying.

I’m on ext4 with a swap file, and sleep works for me when selecting it form the KDE launcher.

What happens when you close the laptop lid? Does the laptop enter sleep mode?

I’m on ext4 with a swap partition. I’m on a desktop.

Oh, sorry.

As a starting point, what’s the output of inxi -F in a terminal?

I found the problem. It seems the KDE Screen Locker was refusing to suspend. I unchecked “Lock Screen automatically after waking up from sleep” in Screen locking settings and it worked.

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