Simplest way to fix KDE autologin from X11 to Wayland no boot

Wanted to try Wayland even thought I use X11. My system uses Nvidia Proprietary. Installed plasma-wayland-session and went in to KDE Settings > Startup and shutdown > Login Screen (SDDM) > Lower button (Behavior) to access (Automatically login user session). Switched from Plasma X11 to Plasma Wayland.
When I rebooted it sticks on the boot info and hangs.
Just wondering what would be the simplest way to resolve my way back to X11.
Thanks EOS forum folks

Removing plasma-wayland-session helps? And look at your .dmrc in your user folder

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Hey Thanks
But I can’t get in to the Desktop. It just hangs at text boot stuff and my system autologins so no login screen.

Can you start a TTY? Press keys Ctrl-Alt-F3. If that works, you are in a terminal where you can log in and give terminal commands like uninstall packages.

If not, then you can use your USB installer and arch-chroot to your system where you can do commands too. This help is for UEFI system:
Here are more arcticles:

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Hey thanks guys. Much appreciate the time and energy of your responses. Kinda busy at the moment will get back to you with the results of your suggestions. Thank you again EOS rocks.

Got it worked out. The link regarding UEFI was spot on. Once I got in to the chroot I uninstalled plasma-wayland-session and kodi because I rebooted without removing kodi and I login to just a kodi session and had to remove it. But once i did all was left was X11 and everything is fine.

Thanks for the help (Manuel)

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