Simpler version of 2000's copy paste Btrfs setup?

I am currently playing around with Fedora (and i love fedora; the funny thing is that the default Workstation image has a “less bloated” (using Arch talk :wink: ) image than the Arch default Gnome packages (I think it actually contains about half as many programs as the Arch Gnome package)).

Point is I know I will sooner or later come back to Arch, I always do.
However, the Anaconda Installer is actually very powerful, to the point that if you chose manual partitioning you can actually create a subvolume setup on Btrfs any way you want it. Including naming them according to Ubuntu Btrfs standard (which is what Timeshift requires; all subvolumes must start with the symbol ‘@’, something the automatic Btrfs setup in RPM based distros doesn’t do).

Now, since i use Timeshift for my snapshots and not Snapper, I only really need @ and @home, and no encryption.

I also read thru HOWTO - GPT/UEFI install with full disk encryption: BTRFSonLUKS with separate root, home and pkg subvolumes; hibernation with a swapfile; auto-snapshots with easy system rollback (GUI); boot into snapshots

…And I am sure it is easy but my head is, easily distracted. It seems a slightly simplified version should be possible with just @ and @home, no encryption.

Edit: Sometimes my brain just don’t want to follow instructions even tho I want to. I have set up btrfs with subvols in pure (manual) arch install, so it’s not a laziness issue.

It has been a bit since I tried, isn’t that more or less what the installer creates by default?


I haven’t used the Calamares installer since… August last year, to be fair. I nuked my Endeavour Xfce install in September.
After that I was on Fedora with Gnome 3.38 until December, then pure Arch with Xfce until a few days ago.

In my opinion you are over stepping your boundaries with this thread. :hugs:

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It doesn’t seem to be.

Scroll to the bottom of this Wiki article. It should provide exactly what you’re referring to. :grin:

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