Simple Image-editing program

…I am using Viewnior for image viewing. But I realize some images are just corrupt (but usable) so that say thumbnails can’t be created. Plus it is nice to have a resize tool, viewnior can only flip and crop.

Anyone having recommendations for GTK based ones other than GIMP and “Gnome Photos”. Gimp Is just overkill and Gnome Photos should be burned with a flamethrower.

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There are tons of qt-based options :slight_smile:

For GTK, have you tried pinta?


The arch wiki has a nice list of applications in paragraphs “Image processing” & “Raster graphics editors”:

Photopea in a browser, Pretty full featured for a browser editor.

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I use and can recommend gThumb for simple image edits.


For this purpose I install kim4. I allows e.g. to resize images using the context menu (right mouse click) within dolphin. In addition to that it offers a bunch of more options. Rename images, send via mail including resizing, create PDF album, create animated GIF. create Mpeg video, convert images, create greyscale, create sepia, rotate, only to name a few.

$ pacman -Ss pinta
community/pinta 1.7-2
    Drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET. Its goal is to provide a
    simplified alternative to GIMP for casual users


photoflare does not add loads of additional certificates.

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I’m using xnviewmp ( ) as viewer and quick scale/crop/convert tool. It’s somewhat like an acdsee clone from the good days of acdsee. In fact I’m installing this program on Windows machines of the family members as image viewer too, although for Windows even better (better UI) I found faststone viewer. For a while, before discovering xnviewmp I was using faststone via wine in Linux too, but I’d rather have a native tool.

I was looking for something that allows contrast and other color tweaks, like acdsee was able to do, and also for a batch converter/resizer with a gui interface (to be honest I was looking for an acdsee clone for Linux). I’ve got all of these with xmpview.

It can be installed from AUR with yay -S xnviewmp


Same here; Xnview rocks, but it’s not GTK…

Hey, you’re right, I was sure it is GTK, because it doesn’t show, so I didn’t even check. Guess it’s well integrated.

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A simple and fast viewer on GTK is Mirage.
I have been using it for a long time.


Thank you all for your suggestions: I have decided to be lazy and just install Gimp :wink:

Anyway, again, thanks!


Although you already marked the thread as solved I still wanted to recommend XnConvert. One can simply install it from AUR.

Some of the functionality :

editing of metadata
conversion: rotate image, cut out, resize, …
correction: brightness, contrast, saturation, …
filters: blurring, embossing, sharpening, …
effects: occlusion, watermarks, vignetting,

yay -Qs xnconvert
local/xnconvert 1.90-1
    A powerful batch image-converter and resizer.

Even if it is not a solution for you, it might be useful for users searching for a similar solution.