Silly Question about upgrades

Greetings: I am currently running EOS and it gets updated regularly. I do this with sudo pacman -Syu.

I also update yad when it tells me there is a new version.

Here is the silly question which I feel may be irrelevant on the scheme of things, however in the spirit of “trust but verify”, I am going to ask.

Do you need to download the newest ISO and reinstall to be on the latest EOS release or does it update automatically?

If there is something other than using the pacman command I specified, would love to be enlightened. I guess my real question would be is there a distro upgrade as opposed to an update?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post.


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No, not really. EnOS being an Arch-based system follows a rolling release model. That means once installed you need to update your system on a regular basis to have the latest version of the packages available in the repositories.

That being said, once in a while, a new ISO is published which basically aims to refresh the package base. However there are occasions when some new features are introduced like introduction of systemd-boot as the default choice for bootloader or switching to dracut from mkinitcpio.

If users want to keep up with the new features, they would need to follow the development of the OS and implement them themselves.

sudo pacman -Syu ## updates the packages available in the official repositories
yay ## (with no switches) updates the packages from both the official repositories and from AUR, if you have any packages installed from there