Silent boot with Systemd

A short time ago @dalto helped me with my question about how to get rid of this…

It was super easy to do, so thanks dalto.
Now I would like to silence this…

I used to know how to do it when I booted with Grub, but now I use Systemd. I did search around, but I was worried about doing something which might make my system unbootable.

I don’t use systemd-boot, not sure where the loader.conf is, but you can try changing the timeout to 0

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Thanks, I’ll check this out and report back. :smiley:

I would actually advise against removing the view completely. If something happens to your system you will have to make other means to hit fall back mode. I would suggest just shortening the time.

filename and location should be

Thanks again, all done. :smiley:

Thanks my friend, noted. :smiley:

it says in the wiki you can bring it back with space

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