Signal app on i3 wm


it seems that when I open the app in i3 and try to use it, it freezes almost constantly.

Checking similar issues, what I tried so far was to:

  • disable dusnt
  • open signal with --disable-gpu flag

Neither worked. Any ideas ?

Open a terminal and launch signal-desktop.

Any messages seen there?

It’s also assumed you are -Syu’d up to date and rebooted after?

Yes, everything is up to date.

I don’t see anything suspicious in terminal.

I have the impression that it’s not a signal issue. It looks more like WM thing.

Even when I move the mouse cursor over the signal window, it freezes for a second.

EDIT: Yeah, I can confirm, the whole WM freezes.

I found this but still the behavior when I move the cursor over the signal window is exactly the same.

Just to note here, it’s a clean install, I didn’t add/edit/change anything yet.

Interesting fact: after suspend, the issue is gone and after reboot is back.