Siduction Kde

Trying out the latest ISO of Siduction KDE. It is rolling and based off of Debian unstable. I like it because it’s rolling, it has the latest kernel like Arch and it’s KDE and works as good as EndeavourOS on my hardware. It’s very good on KDE. Just like OpenSuse Kde which is also rolling. Any distro that is rolling and KDE is what i like to try out. This debian version has a lot of packages but it works really good. I only try it to compare to what we have on EndeavourOS. I installed it with Btrfs and it has snapper. This is running on vmware but i also have it installed on bare metal on an ssd drive trying it out



Not gonna lie, I did a double-take when I saw those icons. Reminds me of windows.

Install Wine in full “multilib” then run “winecfg” and see how that goes.

I don’t care as I like KDE Plasma a lot. Not because of how it looks but because of how it works. It’s a fantastic desktop. Has some great packages that work very well. Debian is is a great Linux OS and i don’t understand why they don’t run a rolling release version because this is fantastic.


I didn’t mean that in a pejorative way. I only said it reminds me of windows. It isn’t a bad thing.

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No harm … just saying. A lot of people refer to it as being a Windows clone. But i don’t think of it that way. I’m a desktop user so this is what I’m used to and what i like. My point about it is the fact that it is Debian rolling. Up to date kernel and software!


I’ve never used Siduction, but I’ve been running Debian Sid for 2.5 years now, on 2 laptops plus on 2 VMs. No problems.


This is Debian Bookworm? Is that the next Debian 12?

No, Bookworm is the Testing branch (and will indeed be the next Stable). Sid is the Unstable branch, which Siduction is based on (hence the name).

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Okay makes sense but it say’s Debian Bookworm on the neofetch image? :thinking:

Yeah it does that. You can change the “Pretty Name” in the os-release file if it bugs you.

Or, edit neofetch to always show “Debian Sid” or whatever you want it to say.

No i was just wondering why. Maybe they named it this way. :man_shrugging:

EDit: I guess this is the answer?

There are no Sid ISOs (not full ISOs, anyway, but I think there’s a very minimal ISO available, at least there used to be). You install Stable or Testing, and then change the repos to point to Unstable (aka Sid). So the original os-release came from Testing. Changing to Sid does not change the os-release.

BTW, all Debian release names are based on Toy Story characters. Sid was the kid next door who destroyed toys.


I might just try Debian and do that then.

The software packages in their repository are bleeding edge as well? All of them?

Thanks, I am going to try btrfs in vm and test this one out… Never tried btrfs before…

I installed Debian and enabled the testing repo. Siduction has a newer kernel. Don’t know about the rest.

You can use btrfs on EndeavourOS on the install. That’s what i am using with btrfs-assistant and snap-pac with grub.

Testing is not Sid (Unstable).

Oh, I know… I am running EnOS on an ext4 since I have only one machine, reliability is of the utmost importance. But I want to check out and learn about btrfs. So will try it on VM.