Shutdown taking a lot of time

shutdown is stuck at this screen for so long, whats the problem ?

I have encountered a similar issue, but in my case I was having a message like shutting down services… remaining time n Seconds… and it stayed there taking long time shutting down.

But I can see in your case it says “Reached target system Opwer off.” I understand this is the last stage. This looks strange to me.

Anyway, our friends here guided me to use the ALT-Print Screen with REISUB buttons. (search for it here). What it does is gracefully “powering of” your machine, a “cleaner” and safer way to force your machine power off. Restarting -> stop job for user running!

I remember I saw a thread here where some suggested doing some modifications in some files to reduce wait time while shutting down. Sorry, I can’t remember where here in the forum.

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thanks for answering , i will try solving this issue

But please do not forget, you case is different than what I had, in my case it was a much earlier stage.

yeah , brother i am literally facing issues from day 1 , i thought it will be a perfect distro :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:, but anyways i will stay on this for atleast 1 year

Sorry to hear that. Sometimes it can happen.
Did you install from the latest ISO you downloaded from the official website?
Did you follow the defaults while installing?
Maybe you installed or modified something that caused this?
Well, I have been on EndeavourOS for a year now after distrohopping for the previous year, I can say I myself though on Linux since 2000, I have manged to break.damage my installation several times while I was playing with it.

It is THE perfect distro, The best distro and best community I ever found since 2000!

I will put myself in your place.
I would:

  • update the system
  • see how to get the REISUB combination
    -reboot (force it with REISUB if needed
  • update again… reboot

Well, when it happened in my case it happened just for a day or two then disappeared by itself and shuts down normally since then. May just something accidentally happened with my system that caused this.

But I assure you, this is the best distro ever and the best community ever.

See if my suggestions above help, if not post here again.
I am sure our wonderful friends will come in for help.
Don’t worry.
(Did you change the bootloader from systemd-boot to Grub while installing? ), using BTRFS, Snapper… etc? Just curious )
Please let us know how it goes with you.

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no bootloader was systemd-boot. does it make any difference ? btw i embrace your helping nature and enthusiasm toward linux culture. i am going to change user.conf file now

How is that? During installation as far as I remember/know there is the Default Boot loader which is sytemd-boot, there is an option to select Grub.
Better do not modify anything now.
I am not an expert by any means, but just to be sure and safe, you would not change something that maybe catastrophic (unless you are more technically more knowledgeable and experience than me and you know what you are doing).

I will put myself in your place, if I tried what I mentioned above and still having problems, I won’t mind doing another fresh install. I would just follow the defaults and won’t change anything.

Don’t mention, I would do whatever I can do to help. And yes, I strongly believe in the Linux culture and philosophy, other than freedom it is all about “community”, where everybody cares about everybody.
Hopefully some more experienced user/developer comes in and guide you to sort out your issue. It can be just a little modification to a little file.

Can you post the output of inxi -Fxxx please, I am just curious, maybe I will see something (though I am no expert in anyway)

Let us know how are things going.

Which login manager do you have? If it’s SDDM, there is a known bug that causes slow shutdowns on some systems.