Shut up and just take my money

I bought a second hand Surface pro 7 and have fallen in love with the form factor. It is currently running EnOS/Hyprland and it is so portable, it lives in my rucksack. Then I saw this:

Obviously no ideas on Linux compatabilty or price, but :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


THAT is THE feature I was awaiting for so long!

Now I could watch my dog licking his :tennis: while talking to my boss! How neat would that be?!!

Looks cool though, beside the questionable choices of sales promotion department…*
I’m sur the price looks cool :hot_face: too…

*although, a girl rubbing her nipples with “AI” printed on top is totally a sale booster


We don’t need AI for that :rofl: VR on the other hand… (the one you are not using!!!) :blush:

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