Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

he also have an Ender 3? Quality looks very similar to mine, can be enhanced if you play with speed temperature and stuff on the settings before rendering the data, i have little less distortions

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The annoying Google TV launcher full of recommendations for services I don’t use has been removed:

Just needed a couple of adb commands to sort it out.


Nice! Too bad they don’t really make any android tv/dongle ROM’s… Good solution this!

Got my new case in today. There is a minor problem. I had the whole system put together…


(the server is in the background)

Everything was working great. Much quieter and cooler than the old case. I go to put the glass side panel on, I set it on its mountings and… boom, crackle, crackle… lots of cussing and swearing…


No more glass side panel. I guess this gives me an excuse to get a custom side panel made.

Other than the side panel debacle, I really like the case.


unlike most things i see in here my latest yet to arrive purchase is cutlery, almost half a year ago i had moved but still used cutlery that was several decades old, which shows, i also didnt have too much of it so this was very much needed.


Just a note from experience…if you are generally careful, acrylic side panels are just fine for appearance (they just get marked more easily, but don’t break!)


Oh agree 1,000%. It just came with a glass panel. I have got some ideas for a custom panel, I just need to talk to the shop that can make one. NO GLASS!

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Just HOW custom are we talking? Internal attached LED display for logos and messages? Internally engraved logos? Some kinf gradient tint job? :grin:

The possibilities boggle the mind - but a plain, dark-tint acrylic of the right size is great too…

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new dark glass panel engrave inside ( so smooth out side ) Arch logo + blue light behind :heart_eyes:


I am thinking of getting a clear acrylic panel and painting it flat black. Then have a design etched into it. This way the internal LED’s would illuminate the design.

Sorry, no more glass. I am firm about that.

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That DOES sound cool. Know anyone with a flat-plane plotter or inkjet? Would be nice if you could just feed it an SVG file… :grin:

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@freebird54 I do not know anyone. However, there is a University in town that has an Art department, and I know one of the professors there…

Possibilities! I wish you luck… it is always good to turn adversity into a plus when you can!

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One of the Unofficial Motto’s of the US Marine Corps, “Adapt, Overcome, and Improvise.” Once I have a solution, I will post it here.


OK…I went & did it. A Retro-punk keyboard. Got to admit…I thought it was going to be strange to type on, but it’s really nice.20210109_152714 20210109_152706


A keyboard from Logitech + a network card from Intel:


Already have a couple of keyboards from Logitech. I like them and they are cheap.

Unfortunately I have to wait a little longer for the order as the keyboard was not in stock. Too bad I need the network card.

That looks really nice, how is the support in linux for the RGB.

I feel like when I replace my keyboard razer is the way to go because there’s good support.

It’s all programmed in the keyboard–no software required. One of the reasons I bought this one. And the old-time keycaps just looked right…


Thinkpad T420 that I got dirt cheap on a local auction.
Keyboard layout is US Qwerty, instead of the BE Azerty we’re used to here (probably the reason why I was the sole bidder on this laptop)

I have to say, apart from the layout, I’m loving this classic style keyboard!!

Anyone has any recommendations for upgrades to this machine?
I’ll definitely look for a quadcore cpu to put in here



If it doesn’t have an SSD, that’s the first upgrade that you’d want. Beyond that, ram seems fine for basic usage. If you get a quaddy, be aware that the QM’s are 45-watt instead of 35-watt, so it may thermally throttle more depending on the cooling solution.