Show thunar icon in panel window buttons

Hello can someone help me please?. I’ve installed EndeavourOS XFCE and when I open thunar the panel shows the icon of the opened folder instead of thunar icon. How can I change this?

Also, if someone with XFCE can share me a screenshot with the settings of thunar in the settings editor I would be grateful, because while I was messing around with these settings I deleted some of them

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Hello @Rovert712

Edit: Not sure there is anything wrong with the window that opens with Thunar?

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That’s how it is :man_shrugging:

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Thank you

Ok. Thank you

I don’t know if this will help but dockbarx drops right into the XFCE panel and you can configure whatever icon you like. Might be worth a look?
I prefer the deskbar mode but it works horizontally too.



If you only want icons to be shown in the taskbar open
Settings Manager > Panel > Items > Select Window Buttons and click settings button on the bottom Screenshot from 2021-03-30 07-42-49
uncheck the first option (show button labels) . Then you will get this @Rovert712

Screenshot from 2021-03-30 07-36-07 for home folder

But if you change your folder it will show that folder’s icon

Screenshot from 2021-03-30 07-36-19 for downloads folder

I first thought the OP wanted hist label to be same for all folders :grimacing: :man_shrugging: